First Meeting

The first Meeting

In our first meeting we defined what a learning community is for us, which model we are using. Besides this we defined our personal goals and the over arching goal. The later is a tower defense game. It is meant to guide us in a direction to give us fuel for our research and prototypes.

The method

As method we chose the learning community methodology as the basis for our research. We chose the guided learning community, in which the supervisor takes the role as guide, source validator. Their job is it to ensure the quality of the research sources and generally guiding, leading the group sessions. The guide/ supervisor can be part of the teaching staff or be one of the group. This person can be also one allocated each meeting new. In our case we have chosen for a supervisor from the teaching staff as well as a conversation guide per meeting, who leads the meetings.

The community comes together in a set period of time, in our case every week. In this time we are defining goals we want to achieve , such as in normal game development with SCRUM sprints. We then review in our meetings the last weeks work as well as define our individual achievements for the next week. In those meetings we are using a stand up like method, this means we debate the results of each individually, talk about what they have been blocked with and what they would need to progress further.

The format itself is quite lose the only constant are the questions: What have you been working on? Have you been blocked with what are you going to do next? What do you need?

This allows us for adopting to changes in the learning, hence every week we reevaluate the format of the last week to adjust it for the next week.

The individual goals for the first week


  • Next week goal: Learning basics of DOTS; Creating pong.
  • What’s needed: Basic DOTS resources
  • Global goal: Get familiar with how DOTS and ECS work and how to program in it.


  • Next week goal: Reactive systems;
  • What’s needed: Positive vibes
  • Global goal: Learning reactive systems and physics in DOTS.


  • Next week goal: Learning basics of DOTS; Implementing basic movement.
  • What’s needed: Basic DOTS resources
  • Global goal: Composing ECS into gameplay by having the player build towers out of components.


  • Next week goal: Flow field pathfinding.
  • What’s needed: Big data;
  • Global goal: Learning pathfinding and AI planning in DOTS


  • Next week goal: Standard render pipeline working.
  • What’s needed: SRP resources
  • Global goal: Have the entire project working with SRP.


  • Next week goal: Input system to create player. Shoot some stuff.
  • What’s needed: Input system resources.
  • Global goal: Get a good grasp on DOTS and how to make a game with it.


  • Next week goal: Work on physics system triggers/colliders
  • What’s needed: Any research physics.
  • Global goal: How is DOTS implemented in the background and how system groups work.


  • Next week goal: Write a system that gets the closest entity to another entity
  • What’s needed: /
  • Global goal: Understanding DOTS internals to apply to own framework.